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Est. 2000

Our story begins in 2000 when owners, Steve Osborn and Kim Wagner fell in love with a unique, historical, abandoned farm and vineyard in Marlboro, NY. 

Tucked away on the side of a great limestone ridge. This land was known to have vineyards dating back to the late 1700s. 

History shows that in the 1800s, the farm that once existed had produced fruit that served markets all across New York City. But by 2000, all that remained were the 4 walls of the original farmhouse foundation and the back wall of the old winery foundation.


Yet, Steve and Kim saw the potential and began to rebuild.

By 2006 - Natural Wines

In 2000, Steve and Kim dug into the rich, fertile soil and began to replant the vineyard, restore the old farmhouse, and start their plans of a state-of-the-art, gravity-flow Winery. The two saw a future of natural wines that drew upon traditional practices, and quality ingredients from the local farm community in the Hudson Valley.

By 2006, they opened their doors to what is the Stoutridge Winery. In little time Stoutridge became a leader in the industry of natural wines. Standing out for distinct, natural flavors, and a commitment to good land stewardship. For the next 11 years, Stoutridge continued to push the standards for natural wines.

Especially, with the Gravity Flow Winery, which only in recent years has become more common. However, every aspect of the wine-making process since inception is based on our sustainability plan. This plan includes solar power, an innovative heat exchange system, and an underground wine cellar that naturally allows the wines to age at the perfect temperature.

At Stoutridge, everything we do is to capture the unique taste of this historical place. To honor the people and process that once existed here without the use of chemicals, gelatins, tannins, or clays. To slowly enjoy all of the naturally made flavors. 


By 2017 - Stoutridge Distillery

After more than a decade of natural wine-making, Steve and Kim grew more curious about small-batch spirits and began to experiment. By 2017, we opened the doors to our Distillery and the original collection of spirits. 


The distillery itself is designed with may innovative technologies and is only one of eight in the United States to do its own malting, and the ONLY distillery to have a traditional Scottish-style kilning floor. Similar to our natural wines, we continue to focus on slow-to-table such as aging absinthe underground.

Our current line of spirits includes Vodkas, Gins, Whiskies, Bourbons, Brandies, Mastics, Absinthes, Orange Liqueurs, Bitters, and Other Liqueurs. 


As we enter our fifth year of production, we continue to tailer and experiment with our creations. Many of which have won awards throughout the country, and are critically acclaimed in New York State. Yet we at Stoutridge strive for more each season! So don't be tricked into thinking that the recipes remain the same. All of the work from grain to glass is done on-site, while all of our main ingredients are from New York State. So stop by our tasting room to try them for yourself! 

A trip to Stoutridge is an escape from the everyday world.

Try our richly, unique flavors and recipes.

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