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Nature takes her time making wine. So do we. 

For us, it is all about creation and preservation. We never waiver when it comes to quality. The goal right from the start is to taste the natural, local flavors that come from grapes grown on this land and other local farms.


Built on a majestic hillside that overlooks the Hudson Valley. Our Winery is a Gravity Flow Winery that uses gravity to move our products. The solar panels on the roof generate sufficient electricity to power the Winery. At Stoutridge, we focus on techniques that have been used by farmers and winemakers for hundreds of years. While avoiding physical and chemical-based processes like pumping, filtering, and fining. There is no need or desire for speed here. Or to use added preservatives such as sulfites and sorbates.

Slow Wine is a core part of our winemaking philosophy.

FERMENTATION. This is our only processing step. By careful utilization of biological components, we can make the desired chemical changes happen through fermentation and 'sur lie aging' without applying harsher chemical methods. The result is a wine that retains more of the balance, flavor, and complexity that is found in nature. 


HUNGARIAN OAK BARRELS. We estimate our barrels will last over 200 years. For this reason, they are considered sustainable because you can re-grow the oak forest before you need to harvest wood to replace the barrel. The hungarian oak barrels are tight grained and untoasted or charred and therefore do not impart any oak flavor to the wine”

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