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We use a mixture of tradition, innovation, discovery, and sustainability to form uniquely rich and complex flavors.

For over twenty years, Stoutridge has been devoted to the best possible practices for our products and the environment. We have always invested in technology that conserves energy and reduces our environmental impact. Everything we do at Stoutridge is mindful of our local ecosystem. 

Our Distillery is an innovatively authentic take on what it means to be a Craft Distillery in New York’s Hudson Valley. The goal since the beginning is to capture modern flavors through traditional practices.

Stoutridge is the ONLY Distillery in the United States with a traditional Scottish style kilning floor.

Our Distillery is outfitted with an array of pot stills and column stills like the two, five-plate Christian Carl Stills and an impressive 30 plate pot still for vodka production. We have always worked to conserve our energy, and have had a sustainability plan in place since our founding. This plan uses a heat exchange system, high efficient infrared and steam furnaces, gravity flow, and 300 solar panels.


One of the most unique aspects of our Distillery is the malting and kilning floors. Stoutridge is ONE of EIGHT distilleries in America to do its own malting. 

Malting is the process in which raw grains are steeped in water, then rested under precise conditions to encourage germination, and finally dried in a kiln and/or a roaster.

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