Our approach

to winemaking.


We’ve constructed Stoutridge Vineyard on the side of a majestic hill overlooking beautiful Hudson Valley countryside. However breathtaking vistas and fertile soil was not the entire reason we selected our location. The land also allowed us to construct a Gravity Flow Winery. By building our facility on multiple levels, we can use the wonders of gravity to move our product. Gravity offers a much more gentle flow of wine through production. Our gravity process begins with all of our harvested grapes being dropped onto a sorting table at our crush pad.



Instead of looking at fermentation as one of many steps in the slow winemaking process, we look at it as our only processing step. During their normal metabolisms, yeast and bacteria do more than convert sugar and acids into alcohol and carbon dioxide. By careful utilization of biological components we can cause the desired chemical changes in the wine to occur without applying harsher chemical methods. The result is a wine which retains more of the balance, flavor and complexity that is found in nature. Careful control over fermentation is key to making wines with no chemical intervention. By utilizing stainless steel fermentation vessels with cooling jackets we can insure that the fermentation conditions are maximized for the natural effect desired.



Our Barrel room houses large barrels that can hold up to 700 gallons and smaller barrels that can hold 375 gallons. Our barrels are made from Hungarian oak which is quite similar to French oak but at a significantly lower cost. We estimate our barrels lasting over 100 years. For this reason, they are considered sustainable because you can re-grow the oak forest before you need to harvest wood to replace the barrel. Our goal at Stoutridge is to make wines that carry the flavor of the grape and vineyard. Our Hungarian oak barrels are perfect because they do not impart any oak flavor to the wines.


Slow to Table.

Nature takes her time making wine. So do we. Slow Wine is a winemaking philosophy we adhere to at Stoutridge. An overwhelmingly wide majority of our industry is focused on making wine optimized for quick release in the market. Our winemaking techniques are focused entirely on making the best wine for our region of the Hudson Valley. No need or desire for speed here. Nature intended wine to taste a certain way and our mission is to bring that natural taste to consumers. Pumping, filtering and fining ultimately are processes that speed up winemaking. At Stoutridge we avoid all of these.