winery design.



Solar Power. 

An important element in our sustainability plan is to utilize clean and green power whenever possible. One of our most important and visible examples of clean and green power at Stoutridge is our photovoltaic solar modules on the south-facing roof of our winery. The amount of power that we generate from our solar panels meets most of the electrical energy needs of both the production and public areas of Stoutridge. Our solar panels even generate power under a full moon!

Heat Exchange System.

In many industrial processes, there is a waste of energy or a heat stream that is being exhausted. This is exactly what happens at Stoutridge so we installed our own Heat Exchange System in an effort to put recovered heat to good environmental use. One of the places we use the heat from our heat exchanger is in the radiant floors in the public areas of the winery. We also will be using the heat to warm the new outdoor walkway and meeting area that connects our main building to our new distillery barrel room. In addition, we like to reuse the water after it’s cooled in the heat exchanger in order to send back to our condensers. This means we don’t have to use an overabundance of well water to condense, we just reuse the same water.


Barrel Room.

An important aspect of our clean & green sustainability system was the construction of our wine cellar which is completely underground and remains between 52° to 58° all year. This passive geothermal benefit allows us to age our wines at the perfect temperature without using any energy to heat or cool our barrel room. The result is improved sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint.

Farm Centric.

Ninety percent of our wines come from local vineyards. By using local grapes we reduce the amount of fuel used for transportation to our crush pad. One of our primary goals at Stoutridge is to capture the local flavor. Indeed, many of our wines are farm-centric where we bottle a wine that is made 100% from the vines of a small Hudson Valley farm in an attempt to capture its authenticity.