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2008 Cabernet Franc Rosé 

Don't let the color of the wine fool you, this is not a simple sweet wine. This is a dry, freshly herbal, nutty, and richly fruity wine with surprising depth and complexity. Pair with salmon, tuna, or even a fresh goat cheese salad. Great ice cold on its own before dinner, or sip while barbecuing. Unfiltered and unfined. 


100% Cabernet Franc 


2008 Ridge Red 


Vibrant spice and cedar notes over a soft, rich plum background. Excellent lighter style red for summertime. Pairs well with light, freshly prepared dishes, grilled foods, and mild cheeses. Unfiltered and unfined. 


NY Wine 50% Cabernet Franc / 50% DeChaunac 

& Food Classic Bronze 


2008 Heritage Red  


A wine designed to taste like what was common in Hudson Valley aged red wines in the 1950s and ’60s. Soft and deeply flavored, just a hint of fruitiness with a long smokey finish. A real crowd pleaser and great with Italian and American cuisine. Unfiltered and unfined. 


70% DeChaunac/20% Frontenac/10% Cabernet Franc 


2009 Quimby’s Legacy


Amazingly vivacious red with the familiar fruitiness of American native grapes paired with the underlying complexity and softness of a serious European wine. This wine is finally ready after 6 years of aging in the bottle! Unfiltered and unfined. 


25% Niagra / 75% DeChaunac 


2012 Hudson Heritage White


A lush wine with a lovely full texture and clean fruity notes. It has both freshness and body so it can pair well with foods usually reserved for reds. We’ve had a string of warmer vintages and the 2012 Heritage White displays the positive effects of the climate in this wine. Unfined and unfiltered. 


40% Seyval Blanc / 40% Vidal Blanc / 20% Cayuga White 


2010 Merlot 


This wine has outstanding vibrancy as well as the notable silkiness which makes the Merlot grape so prized. Of all of our wines, this one tastes most like the vineyard. From top-quality Long Island fruit. Pairs well with veal, chicken, and game birds. Or a wonderful sipping wine without a dry tannic edge. Unfiltered and unfined. 


100% Merlot 

Finger Lakes Intl. Wine Comp. Bronze 

NY Wine & Food Classic Bronze 


2010 Seyval Blanc 


Aromas of honeysuckle and citrus, a crisp yet richly soft wine with extraordinary textures, a light refreshing flavor, and a slightly nutty finish. Perfect for summertime sipping. Will easily pair with any hard cheese. Unfiltered and unfined. 


100% Seyval Blanc 


Ridge White


Fresh vibrant wine with the unmistakable fruitiness of American native grapes and the soft smooth finish of European varietals. A great wine for lunch and light dinners that will remind you of our Hudson Valley vineyards. Best served ice cold. Unfiltered and unfined.


60% Seyval/40% Niagra 

Finger Lakes Intl. Wine Comp. Bronze 

NY Wine & Food Classic Silver 

Finger Lakes Intl. Wine Comp. Silver 

Finger Lakes Intl. Wine Comp. Silver 

2012 Seyval/Cayuga 


Crisp with a delicate flavor but with some real depth of fruit, peach, and pear. Fermentation notes add complexity. Nice round finish and fullness that can pair with a lot of foods. A real winner at the table. Unfined and unfiltered.


70% Seyval / 30% Cayuga White 


2008 Ridge Rosé 


The Ridge designation is one that the winemaker uses on the most artistic creations out of the cellar. This dry wine has powerful aromas but also is nuanced and subtle. Deep smoky and nutty flavors wrapped around a plum and black cherry core of ripe fruit. Astoundingly good wine with hard cheeses and fresh fruit. Decant 30 minutes for best flavor. Unfiltered and unfined. 

NY Wine 85% Lemberger, 10% Chancellor, 5% Noiret 

& Food Classic Gold 


2010 Merlot-Frontenac 


Very complete flavor profile from the deepest, richest purple fruits on the Frontenac side to the bright red zestiness of the Merlot side. Fermentation comes through with a savoriness that finishes the wine and makes it very food-friendly. Nothing heavy or jammy here. The 14.4 alcohol is completely buried in the fruit and the wine remains cool and juicy. Unfiltered and unfined. 


Merlot/ Frontenac 

Finger Lakes Intl. Wine Comp. Bronze


2008 Noiret


A beautify fresh cracked pepper and balsamic nose leads to deep red plum fruits with an intriguing eastern spice complexity on the palate. A great example of what is possible in the Hudson Valley. A unique statement of our region’s potential. Unfiltered and unfined. 


100% Noiret 

NY Wine & Food Classic Silver