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Amerigo Bitters

Orange-Cinchona Bitters


A French-North African style bitters, full rich orange base with moderate sweetness and bitterness and big complex flavor. Formerly called Stoutridge AMER.


This spirit is made from solera aged amertume (bitter orange extract).

86 proof                                


100% Hudson Valley Grain

Genzianella Bitters

Gentian Bitters


French style Gentian bitters. Soft, complex subtle flavors will compliment your favorite summer cocktail.


Made from fresh organic French grown gentian root. 

86 proof

100% Hudson Valley Grain

Incazzato Bitters

Gentian-Rhubarb Bitters

An Italian style potable (drinkable) bitters. Not too sweet, intense and high proof.


Really delicious and adds a new dimension of flavor in cocktails. 


92 proof

100% Hudson Valley Grain

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