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Unprocessed wines are a little hazy and have natural sediments...Learn More

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Stoutridge uses many sustainable practices in our vineyards and in our winery. These include a solar array that provides 100% of our electricity.Learn More

Slow Wine

We subscribe to the slow wine philosophy of winemaking using minimal intervention and gravity winemaking techniques.Learn More

Biological side winemaking

We use biological methods to accomplish chemical changes in the wine.Learn More

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All of Stoutridge Distillery's products will be produced from New York State Grown ingredients.Learn More

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Biological side winemaking

Instead of looking at fermentation as one of many steps in the winemaking process, we look at it as our only processing step. During their normal metabolisms, yeast and bacteria do more than convert sugar and acids into alcohol and carbon dioxide. By careful utilization of biological components we can cause the desired chemical changes in the wine to occur without applying harsh chemical methods. The result is better tasting wine. Wine which retains more of the balance that is found in nature.

Careful control over the fermentations is key to making wines with no chemical intervention. By utilizing stainless steel fermentation vessels with cooling jackets we can insure that the fermentation conditions are maximized for the effect desired on the resulting wine.