Since 2006.

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Tucked away on the side of a great limestone ridge on historic land in the quaint town of Marlboro, NY is the premium estate winery Stoutridge Vineyard. Situated a mere 70 miles from the heart of Manhattan and 80 miles from the state capitol in Albany, we are the epicenter of Hudson Valley wine country.

Our vineyards are half a mile from the beautiful Hudson River and grown on the southeast facing slopes of a ridge of land on which grapevines and fruit trees have been continuously planted for over 200 years. The Marlboro area has a rich history of fruit and wine production. During the 1800’s, our land produced fruit that served markets all across New York City.

Stoutridge Vineyard is built upon the original foundations of vineyards planted in the late 1700's, a winery established when Theodore Roosevelt was President which eventually closed due to prohibition, and a bootleg era distillery which operated (not so publically) until 1956. Our hands dug into this fertile soil in 2001, the year we replanted the vineyards. Less than five years later we opened our winery in 2006 and now our new Stoutridge Distillery in 2017.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to be good stewards of our land, set forth environmentally responsible operations, and to produce a natural chemical-free wine that has the flavors and characteristics of the land from which its grapes where harvested.


We have a strong commitment to sustaining agriculture in the Hudson Valley thus many of our wines and spirits at Stoutridge are from fruits and grains grown with 1.5 miles from our estate. Our winery is built into a hillside and our wine cellars are underground to take advantage of the passive geothermal energy. In addition, we use solar-generated electricity and utilize "waste" heat off our stills to warm our main building in the winter through a radiant heating system.

Our Process.


Among the many features that make us among the most unique wineries in North America is the fact that we are a gravity flow winery.


This means we never use pumps or filters in our winemaking. In addition, we do minimal chemical processing to our wines. We do not "fine" our wines with gelatins, tannins, or clays. We do not add water or sugar nor do we chemically adjust the acidity of our wines. Sulfites and sorbates are never added before or after our wines are made.


Stoutridge wines are natural and honor the processes used by farmers and winemakers from hundreds of years ago. Our goal is for you to taste the natural flavors of our fermented grapes and the land from which our grapes were grown.