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Stoutridge Vineyard

11 AM - 6 PM
Friday — Sunday

10 Ann Kaley Lane
Marlboro, NY 12542

Our Distillery is now open! Visit us for a tasting!

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W.W. Light Whiskey

This whiskey is inspired by our wonderful grain grower West Wind Farm near Saratoga Lake, NY. It is 50% rye, 50% corn mash double distilled in a brandy tradition into a “Light Whiskey”, which is a Federal definition for highly distilled whiskey. Aging begins with 6 months in our 28 gallon Hudson Valley grown ex-rye whiskey barrels before transfer to a 700 gallon Stoutridge red wine solera cask for final aging. Bourbon style, deliciously smooth with built in Manhattan cocktail potential from the wine cask.