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Stoutridge Vineyard

11 AM - 6 PM
Thursday — Sunday

10 Ann Kaley Lane
Marlboro, NY 12542

Our Distillery is now open! Visit us for a tasting!

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Our Spirits.

  • Stoutridge Six2 Vodka

    Six2 Vodka — $29.99

    94 Proof
    100% Hudson Valley Grain

    This spirit goes through 36 plate distillation steps on its way to becoming an ultra-clean, soft Vodka! Warm cocoa bean, hint of vanilla and light berries in the mouth. Subtle yet assertive.

  • Stoutridge EDVA Brandy

    EDVA Brandy — $33.99

    100 Proof
    100% New York State Grapes

    This "unaged brandy" is distilled from a 5 year old American grape wine. Run twice through a "pot" still in the traditional French Charente method. Deep scents of wet twigs, dry vine canes and ripening berries in the nose. Vibrant flavors, complex with no thick taste and no harsh textures.

  • Stoutridge Gin0 Gin


    94 Proof
    100% Hudson Valley Grain

    This gin gains richness and complexity by having some of it's botanicals added to a whiskey distillation before it's redistilled with other botanicals to make a dry gin. Fresh Citrus and Juniper up front, with a wonderful soft grain/baked bread taste in the finish. A whiskey lover's gin!

  • Stoutridge AZ

    AZ — $36.99

    190 Proof
    100% Hudson Valley Grain

    Chemistry nerds know that you can’t distill 100% ethanol (unless you add another solvent like benzene) because ethanol and water form an azeotrope at 95.63%. So, we’ve gone to the natural limit to create AZ. This high proof ethanol is great for making "adult" punch or infusions at home. Inject some into a melon and see what happens or test out your family's Limoncello recipe.