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Stoutridge Vineyard

11 AM - 6 PM
Friday — Sunday

10 Ann Kaley Lane
Marlboro, NY 12542

Our Distillery is now open! Visit us for a tasting!

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Gravity Winemaking.

We’ve constructed Stoutridge Vineyard on the side of a majestic hill over looking beautiful Hudson Valley countryside. However breathtaking vistas and fertile soil was not the entire reason we selected our location. The land also allowed for us to construct a Gravity Flow Winery.

By building our facility on multiple levels, we can use the wonders of gravity to move our product. Gravity offers a much more gentle flow of wine through production. Our gravity process begins with all of our harvested grapes being dropped onto a sorting table at our crush pad. From there, liquids move through a piping system assisted only by gravity. We also use a series of electric hoists to lift entire tanks of wine in order to move wine to different areas of our winery. The electric hoists use less energy than pumps and are powered from energy accumulated from our solar panels. Gravity once again allows our wine to flow directly into our Hungarian oak barrels in the Stoutridge Vineyard Barrel Room. After they are aged properly, gravity sends them to the bottle.

The use of pumps and filters removes dissolved gasses in wine. People are very sensitive to the taste of dissolved gases in liquids. For example many people have an aerator on their faucets because the taste of the aerated water is more appealing. Humans have an inherent and evolutionary liking to the taste of dissolved gases. This liking urged us to seek out water that was bubbling out of the ground rather than sitting unhealthily in stagnant pools. If we do not pump or filter we leave dissolved gasses in our wines. This gives Stoutridge wines freshness, vibrancy and complexity and the reason why so many wine makers want to have a gravity winery like Stoutridge Vineyard.